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When lockdown started a few months ago, my friend Damien

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Sexy Statistics
A survey Rova conducted ahead of The Trainee Sexologist’s second season showed… • 23.3% of male respondents and 1.2% of females have used the services of a sex worker. • 30% of men and 15% of women say they’d be open to using the services of a sex wo
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Where Is Julia Roberts?
In Australia at the moment, you can’t go for a coffee in Byron Bay or grab a beer at Bondi without running into an A-list celebrity, as moviemakers flock Down Under to avoid pandemic restrictions being placed on half the world. And when it was reveal
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Stars Battle It Out To Play Steve!
Terri and Bindi Irwin have Hollywood calling again as a new movie biopic about the late Steve is gaining momentum in the big studios. According to movie insiders, a planned feature-length dramatised film about the original Wildlife Warrior’s life is