Based on the Eoin Colfer novel, this kid-friendly fantasy film

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STAR Tracks
It must have been a successful business meeting for Kim Kardashian, as the reality star flashed a massive grin after one recently as she hopped into her car. She may look uber comfortable on that couch, but Sofia Richie clearly doesn’t get those i
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The Right Perspective
Emma Watson has been quietly leading the sustainable fashion movement for a while now. As well as guest-editing Vogue Australia’s first-ever sustainability issue in 2018 and designing her own collection for ethical brand People Tree, the 30-year-old
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5 Things We’re Talking About this week!
According to a study by a cosmetic surgery company, Prince William is the world’s sexiest bald man. Online analytics linked the royal to the keyword “sexy” 17.6 million times – but fans of actor Stanley Tucci were especially outraged The Devil Wears