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A Room Of My Own

I finished reading Virginia Woolf ’s famous essay, “A Room of One’s Own,” late one night and lay in my bed musing. Fifty years earlier, in the 1920s, Woolf had argued that women needed independent space to be creative. Glancing across my studio at the Smith-Corona typewriter where I spent most afternoons tapping away, I knew she was right. Having my own private

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Chuck Palahniuk released his newest novel, The Invention of Sound, in September. In honor of this release, we’re revisiting Palahniuk’s 2007 interview with WD. When he tried to get his first novel published, some editors secretly loved the dark novel
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Breaking In
(Domestic thriller, July, Graydon House) “When a glamorous Big Pharma executive pleads guilty to a whistleblower lawsuit and goes to prison, she’s convinced someone in her family helped set her up—and she’ll do anything to bring them down.” WRITES FR
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Poetic Asides
The huitain is a French poetic form that is quite musical when done well. Here are the basic rules: • Eight lines per poem (or stanza)• Eight to 10 syllables per line (but consistent within the poem)• Rhyme scheme: ababbcbc Here are a couple of examp