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8 Travel Magazines to Pitch

As with any publication, if you pitch to travel magazines, be sure to follow their submission guidelines. Here are editorial emails for

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Genre Fluidity
It’s easy to get a prestigious label like “novelist” or “poet” stuck in your head. But remember, there are many kinds of books on the market and most successful authors cross genres. If you’re hitting roadblocks selling your manuscript, staying stubb
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When Is a Conference Right for You?
How do you know when you’re at the point in your career that you might benefit from a writing conference? The question you’re really asking is: Should I invest in one? No matter where you are in your pursuits, attending a conference can be of benefit
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Brighter Days Ahead
Welcome to our special double-sized September/October issue! Our theme, “The Future Is …” is open-ended, allowing each of us to consider where our writing fits in this strange world. As we put this issue together, it was impossible to ignore the even