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Now you’ve got everything planned, measured the case, and ordered the parts, it’s time to get on with the build. The first and most terrifying part of the process is the graphics card disassembly. This is perhaps the most dangerous part of liquid cooling. If you get it wrong, and knock

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Sound Driver Lag. Power Problem. Driver Updates.
In the February issue of APC, a story on virtual machines mentioned that we can get images for old Windows boot disks at www.allbootdisks.com – do these images contain the original Windows version, or do they include all the updates to these older ve
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Quick Tip
The Pi 4 works as a daily driver. But if there’s something you can’t do with it, go and use your wheezing desktop and come back to the low-budget, environmentally friendly Pi. Popular desktop collaboration tools are hard to come by for the Raspberry
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We’ve covered Samsung’s water and dust resistant The Terrace outdoor TVs before, but there’s a new bigger 75-inch model that’s suitable for full sun situations that’s worth mentioning. It gets the same 2,000nit brightness of its siblings, which is br