Amateur Photographer

Backing up

Storage can be a pain in the backside, but it is an essential part of photography. At some point your computer will inevitably

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FUJIFILM X-S10, The New Travel Icon
Perhaps the X-S10’s most notable change from previous X Series bodies is its large grip, which gives DSLR users assured handling all day, as well as helping to balance longer lenses. Plus, the regular PASM dial is backed up by three customisable comm
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Tariq Zaidi
As a self-taught photographer, Tariq Zaidi made a mid-career shift to photography after ditching the trappings of the corporate world. In his relatively short photography career, he’s seen a super-speedy rise to success and has been featured in numer
Amateur Photographer1 min citite
A Week In Photography
Welcome to our second of our monthly Premium Editions, which this week focuses on the world of accessories. We explain why, despite advances in image stabilisation systems, a tripod is still required for many types of photography. We look at filters