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rich, fortified wine, Port is widely recognized as a dessert or digestive drink but isn’t often perceived to be much else. Available in a range of styles, however, the signature Portuguese beverage can

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Cabernet Franc Goes Blanc
Parent of powerhouse red variety Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc creates herbaceous, savory reds, bright rosés and, increasingly, layered white wines. That’s right: An adventurous set of American winemakers has begun to embrace the grape in a new
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Grape On The Go: Riesling Romps Around
Native to Germany’s Rhine Valley, Riesling has found great popularity worldwide. And for good reason: Though many associate the white grape with sweet wines, its shape-shifting nature means it can just as effortlessly play the role of dry, crisp apér
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Top 25 Beers of 2020
During a year that none of us will forget, the brewing industry continued on its path of creativity and innovation with each new beer release. As taprooms limited capacity, bars closed and draught lines dried up, beer drinking was done increasingly a