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While I really like cooking outdoors, especially when I can use my Camp Chef pellet-fired smoker/grill, I used my kitchen oven to prepare this recipe. I cooked the pheasant at 350 degrees (F) in a deep ceramic casserole that’s similar to what you would use to cook

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American Survival Guide
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Words To The Wise About Water
Preppers have been told repeatedly that they need to have on hand 1 gallon of water per day for every person in their group. This rule-of-thumb is a mainstay of the prepper community, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The more water you store for an
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Crunch Time Cuisine
Although the human body can go about three to four weeks without food, death hovers nearby. Even with so long between the last bite and the last breath, after only a few days without food, a person’s mental and physical sharpness decrease rapidly, an