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Earth-Friendly Art-Making


s much as possible, take advantage of daylight hours to paint with the light coming through a window. Relying more on natural light will reduce energy consumption,

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Making Hay
The art education of John Appleton Brown (American, 1844–1902) was fairly standard for a New England artist of the era, meaning he went to France, where he studied with a landscape painter named Émile Lambinet (French, 1813–1877), who had in turn stu
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The Nature of Sketching
Amy Leibrock Junko Ono Rothwell felt the joy of sketching from life at a young age. In elementary school in her native Japan, her class had plein-air days where they would go to a park or beach and paint what they saw with watercolors. When she was
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Treasure ISLAND
When I first visited Crete on a six-week journey in the fall of 1985, I was looking for new inspiration. There was a mystique about the island—a place associated with the beginnings of European civilization. The Bronze Age Minoans flourished there be