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Training as an Artist in the USSR

Akhriev grew up in the former Soviet Union in a system where talented youngsters received special training from an early age. “When I first entered an art school for children, the director asked my mother when I began drawing and painting. She couldn’t answer, because she said I just

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Natural Wonders
The Dedham Vale, an area of land in eastern England known for its natural beauty, is also commonly referred to as “Constable Country,” thanks to the landscape work of the English Romantic painter who found so much inspiration there. Born in the count
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Coming To A Stop
Admitting that he can often be tempted to excessively fuss over a work, Akhriev thinks considerably about the right time to stop. “I know that I’m finished when the original idea is expressed or when I have reached the limits of what’s possible,” he
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Watching an artist develop over time can be fascinating—and British artist Judy Tate is currently experiencing a blossoming of creativity and success. For the past six years, her work has been accepted at Mall Galleries, in London. Among these painti