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“It’s easy to haul all kinds of materials along when you’re

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The Power of Design
Because composition makes or breaks a painting, I’m an avid believer in beginning with a thumbnail sketch. For this dazzling sunset over the water, I sketched on tan-toned paper with hard pastels. I chose a low horizon line and cropped my reference i
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Turn The Page For A Demonstration
Artist Susanne Mull ( lives in Dienheim, Germany, where she’s an active member of a German artist association and serves on an art advisory board. Although mostly self-taught, Mull has received art training from well-known artists at
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Coming To A Stop
Admitting that he can often be tempted to excessively fuss over a work, Akhriev thinks considerably about the right time to stop. “I know that I’m finished when the original idea is expressed or when I have reached the limits of what’s possible,” he