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Watching an artist develop over time can be fascinating—and British artist Judy Tate is currently experiencing a blossoming of creativity and success. For the past six years, her work has been accepted at Mall Galleries, in London. Among these paintings, Midnight Sonata (page 54) was included in the United Kingdom’s Pastel Society Annual Exhibition this year; From the Depths (page 59) appeared in the 2019 exhibition. The latter highlights how her use of color has become more adventurous.

Roots and Wings

With a degree not in art but in

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The Power of Design
Because composition makes or breaks a painting, I’m an avid believer in beginning with a thumbnail sketch. For this dazzling sunset over the water, I sketched on tan-toned paper with hard pastels. I chose a low horizon line and cropped my reference i
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Natural Wonders
The Dedham Vale, an area of land in eastern England known for its natural beauty, is also commonly referred to as “Constable Country,” thanks to the landscape work of the English Romantic painter who found so much inspiration there. Born in the count
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Turn The Page For A Demonstration
Artist Susanne Mull ( lives in Dienheim, Germany, where she’s an active member of a German artist association and serves on an art advisory board. Although mostly self-taught, Mull has received art training from well-known artists at