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Tricks Of The Trade
During the research for this tutorial we needed to devise a means to detect a key press for the calculator application. Specifically we needed to know the values returned for the A,S,M and D keys. We could look this up on the internet, but what if th
Linux Format1 min cititeComputers
At Your Service
Most distros now use Systemd to manage system services. These are programs that run in the background, providing on-demand features. Examples include the CUPS printing system, Wi-Fi management and many others. They’re controlled by “unit files” usual
Linux Format1 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
The Sense HAT is packed with sensors for temperature, humidity, acceleration, orientation and air pressure. And we have a great RGB LED matrix and a joystick that can be used in our projects. To control the Sense HAT we used Python, but we can also u