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Speed up Pac-Man by increasing or decreasing the ‘onkey’

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Quick Tip
Hitting trouble? SAMBA has a wealth of logging options for troubleshooting problems. For any non-trivial issues, the first place to look is in the log files. These files can be found in the /var/log/samba folder. It records the AD creation process as
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Who We Are
I lost many a brave (and broken) virtual machines in the great RAID reformat of 2021, but new ones are starting to re-establish themselves. Mostly I like to have lots of Mint and Ubuntu VMs around to remind me how much easier my life would be if I di
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FOSS Watch
Pine64, the company behind numerous open source laptops and smartphones, has announced the PineTime ( ). This is an open source smartwatch that can run custom-built operating systems. It includes features that are found