aintaining your focus on work can be so difficult, and it often doesn’t take much to get distracted from the task in hand. Even when we know it’s the most important thing we must do right now, there’s often a nagging voice at the back of our minds telling us to do something a little more fun.

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Why The Apple Watch Isn’t A Medical Monitor
Apple says that the Apple Watch blood oxygen measurements “are not intended for medical use, including self-diagnosis or consultation with a doctor”. That’s because pulse oximeters, which the Apple Watch emulates, are Class II medical devices in the
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Power Mac G4 Cube
You’d have needed a soul bypass to not be enraptured by the Power Mac G4 Cube. Aiming to squeeze a powerful desktop into a tiny case, the acrylic glass enclosure made this Mac look like it was magically floating above your desk. There was no fan. Dis
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Hello (again)
If your wireless network is feeling the strain in this era of home working, home schooling, home shopping, online gaming and video streaming, take heart. This month’s lead feature (p18) offers plenty of fast fixes and quick tips to help you improve y