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Three hearts beat in the octopusbut I have noneto spare. I won’t let this onewithout you. I’m fartoo selfish to grant youyour wish. No,let me disappear, first,after yearswaking each morning with a chest openthe way a trenchmight open after a quake.It’s takenthis long to see the fault linesbetween usare nothing from an aerial view:mere foldsin a topography so hugewe’re renderedinvisible, Each footbridgeor trestlewe construct along the impassablewill simply becomethe soon-to-be forgotten remainsof fabled civilizations.

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American Poetry Review
Editor Elizabeth Scanlon Business Manager Mike Duffy Editorial Assistant Thalia Geiger General Counsel Dennis J. Brennan, Esq. Contributing Editors Christopher Buckley, Deborah Burnham, George Economou, Jan Freeman, Leonard Gontarek, Everett Hoagland
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Ouroboros Essay
One person who cannot see you is you. We can get an idea from water or gold, depending on the light. So I know myself by approximation. There is a likeness between the curve of the paradisiacal snake and the parabolic arch of the bridge, but placed o
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Three Triptychs
Woke to the “meanerror,” of birds squawkinginside the blue-greyblackpolyphonies of whathappens when we losethe terminologyto determine how badthings really are. Wasthere no way to puncturethe agonizing filmthat kept us all corralledhere? I looked thr