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Stone is tenderto lichen.Lichen is tenderto the earth and its otherinhabitants. What areyou and I tender to?

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The American Poetry Review1 min citite
I told my daughter the story of how my frienddied. Almost ten years ago now. How he fell off amountain in Hawaii. And though the story mademe cry she wanted to hear it again and again.And again the next day. “Don’t worry mama,”she said. “He’ll just t
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Three Poems
after Agnes Martin We had a great timewalking into oblivionbefore dinner unburdened by the windof tinkering conversationa glorious glut of being shut upby implied continuumspun off in ultramarine pieces though I don’t thinkyou can imagineeven a parti
The American Poetry Review4 min citite
Two Poems
The only way to ferry mementosunnecessary for survival to a new placewas to make like the farmer in that riddle, with his chicken,fox, and sack of grain: trip after trip, mindfulof the logic things have, the fox eats the chickeneats the grain, the ca