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As this installment of “The Ham Notebook” is being written, I am in month two of the COVID-19 mandatory work-from-home lockdown. Like everyone in this situation, this completely changed how we live and do ordinary, everyday things — including personal face-to-face meetings, going shopping, eating in restaurants, going to work, etc.

As an introverted person, I am adapting to this new normal fairly well. I am trying to make life as close as possible to my previous normal routine, and yet comply with local and day job requirements.

Working from home full-time means a lot of things are moving from the back burner to the front, and in the radio and electronics sense, a lot of projects are moving from ideas in my head or sketches and notes from my notebook to the workbench and final use.

But, as is often the case, as projects are initiated and completed, I formulate new ideas and additional projects make their way onto the workbench.

Although I am not a big fan of thinking about things in future tense, I am doing this to solidify my ideas into an actual “todo” list and to make a commitment to get these things completed. (See the References section for more on this philosophy. –WY)

This month, we will take a peek into some of my projects and ideas that you may find useful

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