bp Magazine for Bipolar

Hallmarks of Success

By Melody Moezzi

I received two rejections yesterday, one of which forced me to click on four links and enter a password before I could access my “regret-to-inform-you” letter. I consider it a sign of intense maturity that, at 41 years old, all I did was hurl curses at a screen instead of hurling my laptop across the room.

People think writers are good at rejection, but the truth is we deplore it just as much as anyone else. Even we’re “good” at it, we’re wrong. I used to be one of those delusional writers, boasting a “thick skin,” insisting that the constant rejection didn’t gnaw at my spirit like a festival of rapidly replicating viruses.

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We Hear You
THANKS TO CHYLER LEIGH for being brave enough to share her story (“Super-girl Actor Chyler Leigh: Fighting the Good Fight,” Spring 2020). I also had a mother who had [undiagnosed] bipolar disorder. If I had only known that I had bipolar just like my