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Paranoia and the Stories We Tell

We are all storytellers. We forge stories in our imaginations. And it is in fear that we create our most elaborate tales.

As an Alaskan outdoorswoman, I have spent many nights camping in the wildest places of the north, where grizzly bears, wolves, and other animals roam in the evenings. When it is dark and I hear a noise outside my tent, it is

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bp Magazine for Bipolar3 min citite
SOUNDOFF! Lifelines for Low Moods
A FEW THINGS that help me: my faith in God, a positive attitude, journaIing, helping family with yard work and so on, and being thankful for all the blessings in my life. There are worse things than having bipolar disorder. Being on the right meds, e
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Unintended Consequences
People often make comments to me such as: I thought you’d dealt with that. Or: You mean you still get depressed? My reply is that living with bipolar is still a big deal. I struggle with depression routinely, mania occasionally, and the overall impac
bp Magazine for Bipolar3 min citite
SOUNDOFF! I Can't Think About Anything Else'
I’VE ONLY HAD a few episodes of hyper-sexuality, but that was more than enough to let me know what it's like. I remember realizing that I had no control over it—it was like an enormous wave, crushing me into the sand, forcing me. My thinking and my a