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Uku Science & Fishing App
Uku (Aprion virescens, gray snapper or jobfish) is accessible by many of our Hawai‘i fishermen due to its wide range of habitat. It is a hardfighting fish caught by shoreline, spear, kayak, jet-ski, shallow bottom and deep bottom fishermen. It is sou
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HFN Info
A Guide to Saltwater Angling - This is a must have for Hawaii’s fishers. This collection of techniques and tips has proven to be invaluable to all saltwater anglers around the world. With over 400 illustrations, Volume I includes both the basics and
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Ready To Roll In 2021
For my first trip of the year, I wanted to ensure that I had everything that I needed. The night before, I made a checklist so I didn’t forget anything. Within a few hours, it was time to get up and get ready. At 4 a.m., I packed up the truck and che