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Final Analysis

I’ve eaten an omelette at this table. It was sometime in the early ’90s while I was studying photography at the Derby School of Art. It was cooked for me by the wise old sage of the photography world, John Blakemore. John was my tutor at Derby. The omelette was good. But I also remember

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New York State Of Mind
New York is the kind of city that has embedded itself in the global consciousness. Regardless of whether or not we have actually set foot on its streets, we feel as if we know it. We recognise its landmarks, its aesthetics, and to some degree, its pe
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Kit List
Polina currently uses a Canon EOS 5DS R for most of her studio work, but often uses a Canon EOS R when teaching and travelling. One thing she always looks for in a digital camera body is a decent multiple exposure mode. Using a Lensbaby allows Polina
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Tony Kemplen on the … Gelto D III
My first Amateur Photographer column appeared ten years ago and this one is number 127, so it seemed appropriate to write about a camera that uses 127 film. The format was introduced in 1912 and came perilously close to extinction 100 years later. I