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Marilyn Manson’s Dark World
Born Brian Warner, Manson – who named himself after Marilyn Monroe and murderous cult leader Charles Manson – has long drawn controversy with his violent and misogynistic lyrics and videos. Rising to fame in the late ’90s with his album Antichrist Su
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Teresa Page’s Top 5 Tips For Being More Regal
Practise being more mindful by taking six deep breaths twice a day. Look more graceful by taking Pilates or yoga classes, and seek feedback from your trainer or physio. Practise elegant poses you find online or in magazines in the mirror at home.
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Cher turns 75
Cher’s career in entertainment has spanned seven decades. During that time, she has reinvented herself countless times – as a folk singer, rock star, Oscar winner, disco queen and the undisputed Goddess of Pop. Over the years, she’s risen the ranks a