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AMD USB problems

I have an AMD R9 3900X build with an MSI X570 MPG Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I was having thermal issues with the voltage regulator modules, which meant the CPU was being throttled when the VRMs hit 95 degrees Celsius. I decided to replace the mobo with an Asus ROG X570 Crosshair Hero VIII, which runs a lot cooler. I originally stuck with the same Windows install, which settled down after several reboots and driver updates, but have now run into some weird issues. USB flash drives are only recognized 50 percent of the time when plugged into any USB 3.0 port, forcing me to unplug and reinsert them. Sometimes I get an error saying the USB device wasn’t removed properly, even when nothing is plugged into it!

Also, when the PC starts, it occasionally boots to a blurry login screen, but the login box does not appear, so I’m forced to reboot. I had to disable

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