Computer Music

Computer music 10 years back

Some problems are perennial – software crashes, latency issues and optimisation headaches, for example – so we tried to solve

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Double Feature
OB-E’s MIDI Sequencer is inspired by Oberheim’s original add-on eight-step sequencer module (MS-1) and to be true to the original, OB-E’s SEM 8 Output mode uses the eighth SEM for your sequence, leaving the remaining SEMs to play live. However, far m
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Jimmy Edgar
Jimmy Edgar signed to Warp Records at just 18 and has released four albums blending electro, funk, hip hop and techno, not to mention DJing across the world. He has used every type of tech imaginable, from custom software, to pure analogue hardware.
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About Audiotent
Our Production Technique experts are from Audiotent, a team of creative producers and sound designers who provide inspirational tools and education for professional artists worldwide. They focus on both techno and progressive genres, offering presets