ould a non-human entertainer enchant and enthral a human audience? The Microsoft-backed Open AI project is putting the theory to the test by training a neural network

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Fad Gadgets
Barely a month goes by without some musical instrument being launched which seeks to aid beginners via the means of flashing lights. Rather like a hi-tech version of the amusement arcade game Whack-A-Mole, when you see a light you put your finger on
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Animals And Me By Steven Wilson
“Animals was the first record I ever spent my own money on. It would have been 1978 and I was 11 years old. I absolutely adore it. For me, it’s Gilmour’s party; the guitar work on the album is the greatest of all, which is saying something. It’s an e
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Crisis? what Crisis?
The last time Prog spoke with Crippled Black Phoenix founder Justin Greaves, everything seemed to be going extremely well. It was the summer of 2018 and his band were poised to release their seventh full-length recording, Great Escape. The album was