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Name: Dale Masterman

Job Role: Full-time Swirl Slayer & Events Coordinating

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“My biggest Fast Car muck up? Missing a shoot and my flight home after a night out in Dundee, that or pissing myself!” “Erm, I put a spoof magazine called Arse Car together once. It nearly got the editor and the publisher sacked.” “Throwing a sicki
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Name: Jamie Carter Age: 32 Instagram: @89mr2turbo, @rpm_wiltshire Favourite modification on your car: RPM custom parts Track day or show-and-shine? Show-and-shine Favourite show: MCM Favourite car: Ferrari F40 for its sleek design and retro looks, so
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Can we just take a moment to say how much we love Lewis Hamilton? 2020 was a pretty turbulent year for fairly obvious reasons, with the good news generally outweighed by the bad, but the fact that Lewis has done what he’s done is more than enough for