5 things to check

1 How much water you’re drinking

Dehydration can make you feel exhausted, so aim for at least two litres a day (tea

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Up Close And Personal
STARTUP COSTS: ‘I kept these to a minimum,’ Carmen says. ‘Using my own laptop, I saved money by creating my own website. My biggest expense was buying the products, because you can’t launch a store without them!’ CURRENT TURNOVER: ‘I would say, mont
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Scene Change
‘I’m a little fishy, and I swim in the water and have two brothers who are fishies,’ she said, before counting in Cantonese. Later, father asked daughter to record a message for her future self. ‘I am Sofia,’ she said. ‘And when I grow up, I want to
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Mingle More, Age Less
Women spend a significant amount of time worrying about ageing, often seeing it as the beginning of the end. But how we think about ageing could affect how we actually age, says Dr Louise Wiseman, a former GP who recently published Your Best Life: A