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Vince Benedetto is the founder, president, and CEO of Bold Gold Media Group, which owns 14 radio stations throughout Pennsylvania and New York.

Benedetto is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, a former Air Force captain, and a onetime Air Force OSI special agent, working on counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and felony-level investigative efforts for the Department of Defense.

Benedetto finished his Air Force service in his late 20s and began his entrepreneurial endeavors, which included the creation of Bold Gold Media Group and the acquisition of his first four radio stations for $4 million. He had no radio experience and had to figure out how to scrape together the money.

During his tenure as a young radio CEO, he’s already successfully worked through two very big challenges: the crash of 2008 and COVID-19. He credits his military leadership training as the reason he was able to pull his team and his company through.

Radio Ink: Tell us about your military career.

Benedetto: At a very young age, I developed a huge interest in history. In my room I would have pictures of the Beatles and military/historical people. When I was 9 years old, there was a replay of JFK’s inaugural address, and my dad had me watch it. I got really interested and read the book PT-109 as well as other military books.

The first Iraq War happened when I was a teen — I remember watching Gen. Schwarzkopf. I thought what a noble profession, to defend your country in a time of need. There was a lot of military influence in my family. My grandfather was a pilot, and he fought in WWII, the Korean conflict, and Vietnam. My father worked for Armed Forces Radio when he was in. There was reverence for military service. I was fascinated with West Point, as well as investigative work with the FBI. As I got older, I keyed in on the Air Force Academy. They had leadership training, military service and training, education, and an organization called Air Force OSI — that is the Air Force’s FBI, CIA, DEA, all rolled up in one. It stands for the Office of Special Investigations, and it does all those missions and roles for the Air Force. This blended everything I loved. I was fortunate to get an appointment to the Air Force Academy. I spent four

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