Automate tasks on the go

IF IT WAS up to us, our mobile devices would be used for nothing but the good stuff — reading Mac|Life digital editions and sharing video calls with our pets, of course! That’s the vision Apple had in mind when it unveiled the first iPhone, after all… probably.

The reality, though, is very

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$24.95 From Magoshare, Needs OS X 10.7 or later Cloning disks and making backups looks deceptively easy, and shouldn’t be complex. AweClone is a new contender in a market with well–proven alternatives to b
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Customize the Finder in Big Sur
THE FINDER IS such a core component of macOS, used by everyone every day, that we often take it for granted. Yet there are a lot of ways you can customize it to perfectly suit your needs, adding extra features or removing those you don’t need to crea
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Next: IMac With Apple Silicon
APPLE ALMOST NEVER discloses upcoming products ahead of official announcements, but signs are that a new model iMac is coming soon, powered by a next–generation Apple chip and possibly with a new design. In March, Apple said the iMac Pro was being di