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ever before in our lifetimes has the world N witnessed the complex and deadly impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus. This world-changing event has impacted nearly every facet of mankind’s way of life. From economic impacts and major job losses to the fight to stay healthy, as well as the horrific emotional shock of friends and family who’ve lost loved ones, this virus has shaken the roots of nearly everyone on the planet.

One significant and surprising aspect of the virus’s impact that’s often been overshadowed by the daily case and death counts was the roller-coaster-like panic of buying of groceries and other essential food-related items.

Unlike a natural disaster that usually moves in and out of a specific area relatively quickly, this pandemic spurred, and continues to cause, a buying spree unlike anything seen in modern times. The phases of purchasing food, water and other non-food items were distinct and were the direct effect of what was transpiring on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis.

I’ve seen this type of buying firsthand in my role as a member of grocery store management.

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