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Solemn Pup
As an avid animal lover, this artist prefers to draw animals, and is always on the lookout for unique photographs to inspire her work. This is a photo that I downloaded from Facebook. It caught my eye as I thought that the pup had a very solemn look.
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• Colourfix Paper, Aubergine.• Art Spectrum and Holbein Pastels.• Charcoal Pencils – Pastel Pencils (Conte and Derwent).• Colour Shapers and Paper Stump.• Hog Hair Brush.• Plastic Eraser.• Mahl Stick to keep my hands off parts I don’t wish to smudge.
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Take Your Time
Bregje (Becky) Breedveld was born at Leiden in The Netherlands. These days she is a police officer in Donnybrook, Western Australia. She was a police officer in Holland for eight years. After reading about the international recruitment drive of the W