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Ask The Knot Squad
My partner and I are both major introverts—we don’t do PDA and hate being the center of attention—so a traditional ceremony seems really scary to us. Are there ways for us to rethink the structure to fit our personalities? Your wedding ceremony shoul
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Kate + Shannon
Kate Wright (34 and an ICU nurse) and Shannon Sefcik (39 and an occupational therapist) aimed to keep their DIY wedding fun and upbeat. Glitter-filled invitations asked guests to dress colorfully and set the tone for the rainbow-themed celebration. T
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RACHEL + KEVIN BALTIMORE “It was always important for Kevin and me to include our pups in the ceremony,” Rachel says. “They’re rescues and don’t handle large crowds well, so this was my way of having them with me as I walked down the aisle.” DANI + M