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Creating Customs
There’s a rite out there that’s right for you Artsy couples can paint a blank canvas together. Nail a choice bottle of wine from your wedding year into a box, to be opened on a monumental anniversary. Get literal and tie a few strands of rope togethe
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Meet Our Contributors
PHOTOGRAPHER COVER+THE POWER OF PANTORA P.42 Q: WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH ALL COUPLES KNEW AHEAD OF THEIR WEDDING DAY? It is best to present your truest self and not a version of yourself that’s based on how you think you should look or act. In my e
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Make Your Invites Inclusive
In order to show respect and make your guests comfortable, consider asking about preferred pronouns when you inevitably have to reach out for mailing addresses. This way you can address all stationery correctly using Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss., Dr. or Mx.