Clay Shooting


Vision training is arguably one of the most important exercises we can do in sport, especially in shooting – and yet it’s the one that’s most often overlooked, even more than the other aspects of physical and mental training. We tend to take our vision for granted, but our shooting performance and results rely heavily on our eyes – we rely on them to perceive the target and its flight path.

You can have the perfect movement throughout a shot but still miss

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Fortunately, getting ready for a few hours’ shooting is not like preparing for a deep sea dive. It is worth taking some time to get it right however. As we’re shooting outdoors in the UK, you definitely need to consider warmth and waterproofing. Your
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Worth Considering…
Power Gold has risen to be cartridge of choice for many competition shooters. Gauge: 12 Case: 70mm Head 24g: 16mm Head 28g: 12mm Load: 24g, 28g Shot size 24g: 7, 7.5, 8, 9 Shot size 24g Fibre: 7.5 2.4mm, 8 Shot size 28g: 7.5, 8, 9 Shot size