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Take it from a historian. We don't owe anything to Confederate monuments | Timothy Snyder

Trump spends so much time defending statues not because he cares about history, but precisely because he doesn’t
‘The president of the United States has declared that the entities that enjoy rights are not people but monuments.’ Photograph: Steve Helber/AP

If you approach me to ask me a question, and I hit you with a baton and spray teargas in your face, I have committed a crime. If you are walking down the street and I forcibly pull you into a van, I have committed a crime. These are now the routine actions of employees of the federal government directed against American citizens. “Rapid deployment teams” of federal employees, now in Portland and soon in other American cities, are committing crimes on the basis of a theory which holds that Americans are due no legal protection.

Why? Because a statue might be endangered. For Donald Trump, the because we might be thinking of damaging a statue and arrested or beaten because we are in a place where there is a statue.

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