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SSDs make your whole system faster and more pleasant to use. But they matter for

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“If 2020 Has You Craving Brave New Worlds, Read On…”
Considering its starting point was already an entire simulated galaxy, it’s been pretty incredible to watch Elite Dangerous grow in the six years since its original launch. From planetary landings to colossal cruisers to first contact with an alien c
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The PC Gamer team
Space trucking @ultrabrilliant Stepped off his ship and smelled something other than hotboxed farts for the first time in 6 years. D&D physics @FraserIBrown Explored the incredible power fantasy of living in a world where he can push people off thin
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Per Aspera
As an AI overseeing the colonisation of Mars, things are going swimmingly with my fleet of robots and drones. Only when the human colonists arrive do things take a turn for the worse. Humans need water, food, air… plus one of them may be trying to sa