True Crime Stories And The Obsession With Them Form 'Unspeakable Acts'

The search for answers in this nonfiction anthology edited by Sarah Weinman is one of many cohesive elements that make the collection land among the best true crime books of the year.
Unspeakable Acts: True Tales of Crime, Murder, Deceit, and Obsession, edited by Sarah Weinman Source: Ecco

Unspeakable Acts, edited by author, editor, and critic Sarah Weinman, works as both a superb collection of true crime writing and a text that looks at the nuances of our collective obsession with horrific murders, conmen, and serial killers in a historical and cultural context.

Those looking for titillating, gruesome chronicles of human depravity will find much to like here — and those who want great, smart writing and outstanding research that unveils things we'd rather not look at under a microscope

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