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ost rangefinders tend to be much of a muchness – point them at your target and press a button, and they tell you how far away it is. The Rapier Ballistic Rangefinder from MTC will do this job really well, measuring

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Lee Perryman
I was recently asked why we shoot, and in particular, why do I shoot? It took me a while to come up with an answer because there are so many reasons why. For starters, I find shooting a form of escapism from my day-to-day job, both mentally and physi
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The Barn Door
Let me introduce RASSH – Robot Assisted Snap Shooting. I confidently predict that my newly invented sport will quickly eclipse Field Target, Hunter Field Target and all other airgun disciplines. Also, because of its obvious televisual appeal, I’m exp
Airgun Shooter3 min cititeScience & Mathematics
WIN! THE BEST LETTER GETS A SET OF SPORTSMATCH MOUNTS I just read Andy McLachlan’s article Scope Consideration and while I do appreciate high quality optical glass as produced by the Japanese and Germans, I’m reasonably sure that most HFT competition