Avira Prime: Value, value, value

We’ve been reviewing Avira Antivirus Pro for a few years now and wondering why it was worth purchasing when the free version of Avira offered so much. At the time, Avira’s top-level offering, Prime, was just too expensive. Those days are over, however, and Avira Prime is now available at a competitive price.

Prime is the company’s one-stop shop for antivirus, web protection, ad blocking, privacy protection, and system maintenance. It includes access to Phantom Pro, the company’s VPN, as well as system tune-up options, a secure file shredder, and more.

Avira also recently overhauled its interface, offering a much nicer look, and a vast improvement on Avira’s previous design.


Avira Prime starts with a very simple dashboard with three icons: Security, Privacy, and Performance. There’s also a left rail

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