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Daniel Hale Williams

Williams became the first cardiologist to successfully perform a repair of the

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‘Ghost Forests’ Invade The North Carolina Coast
Climate change has transformed swaths of protected woodland in North Carolina into lifeless ‘ghost forests’. Marked by thousands of leafless, limbless trunks, stumps and toppled trees, they’ve taken over about 11 per cent of the tree cover in the All
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Make A Soap-powered Boat
You may want to try this How To… out multiple times to test the effectiveness of the size of your boat or the type of soap. If you plan to add a flagpole or another lightweight decoration, you will need extra materials. Take your foam tray or cardbo
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There must be thousands of truly epic natural wonders that we haven’t talked about in our cover feature in this issue of How It Works – and not just the famous filming location for many Hollywood Western movies that is Monument Valley, shown in the i