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Flick of the switches

The raiser’s edge

e loved the tactile control dials around the edge of each earcup

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Heavin’ Chemistry
Plastic waste makes up 85% of the pollution on beaches around the world, and every year the UK alone throws away 300 million kilos of flexible plastics. That means things like supermarket shopping bags, bubblewrap, food packaging and pallet wrapping
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Loops, I Did It Again
Think of the current industrial economy as a straight line that starts by dragging precious materials out of the ground, turning them into something valuable we buy, and ends with us throwing it away. The circular economy bends that line into a conti
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from £299 / Sneaking into the top berth courtesy of a slightly underwhelming Apple Watch update, Samsung’s gorgeous Watch3 is an easy wearable to love. It’s superbly made and very attractive, and the spinning bezel makes it a joy to use.