Starr Gate

A By challenging pilots to improve upon each flight, Starr Gate is intended to help you form better flying habits.

B If your aviation friends use the CloudAhoy app to track and score

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Doc, David, Herb and the Cops
Is there any way to thank a friend for inviting you to ride in a Boeing B-29 Superfortress—and even in the “candy” bombardier’s seat? After realigning my dropped jaw and babbling, “Oh, gosh, yes,” I blathered on with: “Really? You’re sure? You’re not
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I recently selected 32 accident analyses, from the nearly 500 that I have written since I took over Flying’s Aftermath column in 1980, and assembled them into a book called Why? Thinking About Plane Crashes. It’s available from Amazon as a paperback
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Don’t Become a Statistic
1. If you do enter IMC weather, don’t panic—breathe. 2. Demand more than just three hours of instrument instruction from your CFI during private pilot training. 3. Trust the airplane’s instruments, not your senses. 4. Always have an alternate airport