Treat Everyone with Dignity


Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Speaker, and Author

“I want you to see my color. I want you to know that I’m queer. I want you to know that I’m racialized and politicized.”

Leslie Booker found

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True Happiness Comes From Your Higher Self
An authentic life is a happy life. When we follow the world’s cues, we move farther away from our authentic self—that wise, all-knowing part of ourselves I like to call the “higher self.” Your higher self knows you well. It recognizes your highest go
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1 Directing Compassion Toward Ourselves from Vinny Ferraro We’re typically our own harshest critics. We tend to hide our flaws and mistakes, projecting a perfect outward image. In this practice, we can bring compassion to our imperfections and mistak
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Dr. Sará King
Dr. Sará King has an idea she wants you to hear: Wellbeing and social justice are the same thing. King is a neuroscientist, medical anthropologist, and meditation teacher. She founded MindHeart Consulting and is a postdoctoral fellow funded by the Na