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40 Things That Are Derailing Your Ratings

It can take years to build a solid-performing radio station — and only a few bad moves to ruin it. So today I’ll share my thoughts about that, as well as ideas contributed by many of my social media radio friends. So, in no particular order, here are 40 programming pitfalls to avoid so you can keep stellar ratings.

1. Your music library is too large.

2. Your music software is not optimized properly with song coding, priorities, etc.

3. From Country consultant Joel Raab: “Switching to a format you like or are good at even though there is no hole in the market. Thinking that your past success will transfer without doing the proper research and analysis.”

4. You’re guessing when it comes to building a library, not doing music research or using the skills of a consultant.

5. Black Diamond Broadcasting’s Dave Barr

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