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HOW TO CHOOSE art for your home


o you hold a certain destination close to your heart? Search for prints of what

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Your Say
“I keep seeing spots before my eyes,” said MM. “I wonder if there is something wrong with me.” “Have you seen a doctor?” I asked. “No,” said MM, “just spots.” S. WILLIAMS, TATURA, VIC. I took my grandson, Paul, out for burgers. When the waitress
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In Season – Lychees
Lychees have a juicy, white, translucent flesh surrounded by a hard, deep red or pink skin. Use your fingernail to break into the outer shell and peel it away, like you would a hard-boiled egg. With an exotic, floral aroma, they are fabulous in fruit
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Karl’s Secret Talks With Nine
Karl Stefanovic’s name has been thrown into the mix to take over as the CEO of Nine. Earlier this month, the media company’s current boss, Hugh Marks, sensationally quit just as it was revealed he was in a relationship with a former colleague. Not l