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Escaping Solitude
If you’ve never done an escape room, chances are good that at least one of your friends has been bugging you on a regular basis to give it a try. Over the past decade, escape rooms have “brute forced” their way into our lives, to use an industry term
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• Wild Cards •
The movie Shrek celebrates its 20th anniversary this month! The movie was sO GREat it spawned three sequels (so far) and two TV specials. The answer to each clue below contains the letters O-G-R-E where indicated by red spaces, though not necessarily
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• Electronic Game Reviews •
STRATEGY/ROLE-PLAYING PARADOX PC/MAC/LINUX: $50 AGE RANGE: MATURE PLAY TIME: LONG PLAYERS: 1–2 If you approach Crusader Kings III as a Total War-style game of conquest, you’ll quickly grow frustrated by its very open-ended, flexible, character-driven