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Lockdown threw us many challenges, but it also forced us to slow down, examine the way we live our lives, and put greater importance on our health. So, as we begin to move forwards and establish a new normal, how can we avoid falling back into our regular hamster wheel lives, and cling on to the valuable lessons we have learned? ‘Human beings have an innate ability to adapt, so many of us developed positive new habits during lockdown’, says leading psychotherapist and founder of headucate.me, Mark Newey (

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Golden Rules Of Food
‘Eating fatty foods makes you fat’ may sound like a logical assumption, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. It is true that at nine calories per gram, fat is more calorific than carbohydrate or protein – which contain four calories per gram –
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Winter Wheeling
As is the old adage ‘winter miles, summer smiles’, you can get a lot out of your cycling fitness in the colder months. But when it’s cold, frosty and dark out there, and your cosy bed holds more appeal than layering up to the hilt in Lycra, finding t
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Kit Round-up
1. Specialized Therminal Deflect Jacket ‘Wind-resistant with a fleece lining, hi-vis details and great pockets. And not too bulky either.’ £90, specialized.com 2. Liv Cefira Superlight Wind Jacket ‘Light as a feather and packable – fits with ease in