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Man, Donald Trump just cannot leave tech companies alone. I’ve got my own opinions as to why that is but it’s a little suspicious that he

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Show-off On The Low Range
There’s more going for this sub-R15k TV than we expected out of the box. You get brilliant colour reproduction, some eye-catching sharpness and LG’s great OS to top it all off. There are enough HDMIs to connect just about any peripheral you need, and
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Don't Miss This
Even if you’ve never seen the man himself, you definitely know Sir David’s voice. The narrator of many a nature documentary and hugely passionate about the preservation of Earth, Sir David’s back with a look back at his own life, alongside the unnatu
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Double, Not Much Trouble
● The Wing can act like a regular phone, but it’s all about that party trick. Hold it in your right hand, push the bottom right half to the left and the display slides up to land with a satisfying thunk in that distinctive T-shape. Actually using the