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The utility can be used to schedule tasks that need to be run just once. Scheduling jobs with is easy

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Affordable RISC-V PC arrives
The BeagleV ( ) has been announced, promising an affordable way to get hold of a RISC-V computer. Using the open-source RISC-V architecture (the processor is a dual-core 1.5 GHz StarFive SiFive U74 CPU), the BeagleV is priced
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Wasteland 3
My squad of hardened wasteland warriors charges into battle alongside a goat, a swearing parrot, a cyborg chicken, and a cat who wears a little military hat. They may sound a little goofy, but by the end of the game that cat was one of the most consi
Linux Format2 min cititeComputers
Orchestrating with Xen
The distinction between Type 1 hypervisors (being minimal OSes designed only to host VMs) and those of Type 2 (which run VMs inside a regular operating system) can get a little muddy. KVM, which userspace programs like VirtualBox and QEMU can use, mi